Portable Water Production System (Drink , humidify & Purify the Air)

The OnSite Portable SMAWG renewable technology water production system is a device that extracts water from humid ambient air. Our highly advanced OnSite Portable SMAWG system extracts the moisture from the air and converts it into clean, pure drinking water. The system can be design to work of the grid with our renewable power solutions.

The technology taps into a water source that does not place more demands on Mother Earth–Pure water from the air we breath! **Water production capability varies according to temperature and humidity.

Control Panel

How It Works
Water is produced by harvesting moisture from the air. Humid air is drawn into the machine and passed through a multistage air filter and then cooled to dew point. The cooled air condensates. The condensate drips into a collection tank. The water is then pumped through a multistage Ultra filtration system and stored in a storage
tank. Water purity in the storage tank is maintained by keeping the water cool, circulated and under intermittent UV light sterilization to ensure the highest quality water.

Patented Technology With Multistage Filter System – Cold And Hot Water !


Product Features

 Multiple filtration system.
 Manufactured from high quality food grade materials.
 Advanced over current UV lamp sterilization and cold storage
technology to eliminate and maintain bacteria free water.
 Microcomputer control technology for automatic operation.
 Multiple Alarm system to monitor water quality.
 Internal cold water circulation system to maintain water quality.
 Advanced heating system to produce hot water.
 Option to connect to external water supply.

Additional Benefits

 Unlimited sustainable pure drinking water.
 Water produced is significantly lower in cost than bottled water.
 No added chemicals.
 99.9999% bacteria elimination.
 No heavy lifting or storage of bulky water containers.
 No plastic waste.
 Dehumidifies the room.
 Purifies the air in the room.
 Reduces allergen particles in the air

  • 30 Days Return Policy
  • Manufacture Restocking Cost 45%
  • 2Yrs Warranty coverage with proof of purchase.
  • Return Policy – Must be return with all original packaging

When is the warranty not covered?
The limited warranty does not cover any problem that is caused
by conditions, malfunctions or damage not resulting from defects
in materials or workmanship. If the machine has been tampered
with or serviced by an unauthorised person. Air and water filters
are not covered by the warranty and considered as consumable

Global Humidity – Check Your Humidity Level   must be 45% and Up To Produce Water.

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