Who Is eMpasys

eMpasys is a member supported renewable tech engineering company, established in 1998. As a member supported and member driven organization, our renewable technology consultation, engineering, customize solutions, and services are available to members or affiliate partners. We provide customized renewable technology solutions such as; OnSite Power Systems, Advanced energy storage, Renewable Power Management, Battery Electric Vehicles, Battery Electric Vehicles Recharging Systems, Waste to Energy and other renewable tech solutions.

As a renewable technology engineering company that provides ODM (Original  Design Manufacture solutions), and partner with international R&D manufactures. We only source our components from the highest quality OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers). And only collaborate with manufacturers that have real world experience in delivering results quickly and cost-effectively. As a direct manufacture partner, eMpasys help bring to market economical renewable technologies and environmentally conscious solutions. As an AESRPT R&D and ODM company eMpasys research, develop, design and manufacture renewable energy OnSite electricity power solutions.

Our market is electricity distributed generation and energy conservation. Electricity distributed generation is the distribution and generation of electricity on site at the customer location. Examples include Power Cells, Solar Electricity, Waste To Energy, and Wind Turbines. Energy conservation refers to efforts made to reduce energy consumption. Energy conservation can be achieved through increased efficient energy use, in conjunction with decreased energy consumption and/or reduced consumption from conventional energy sources. eMpasys specialize in AES integrative design utilization renewable power technology solutions such as; AES, AESRPT, AESSEG, and AESH, to function as a OnSite advanced energy power system.

There is a difference between the terms “alternative energy” and “renewable energy” > Alternative energy refers to any form of energy which is an alternative to the traditional fossil fuels, like oil, natural gas and coal. Renewable and clean energy, on the other hand, refers to forms of energy that are renewed by mechanical or natural processes, such as Magnetic Wave Form Energy, Solar Energy, Wind Energy, Hydro power, Kinetic Energy and AESRPT.

eMpasys Solutions has identified three keys to its success. The first is the need to only offer solutions, which are based on market demand. The second is to ensure that all of its offerings are based on economic justifications. The third, all solution should make sense beyond the environmental considerations because it has long-term economic value.

(What doe’s eMpasys Means) – Energy Management Power Access System:

(eMpasys) is a hardware system with computer aided software used to operate, monitor, control, optimize performance and or provide energy power efficiency. The integration of monitoring, control, energy storage, and power delivery functions are often referred to as advanced technology solutions. The computer technology functions are also referred to as SCADA/EMS or EMS/SCADA. In these respects, the terminology EMS then excludes the monitoring, control, energy storage, and power functions, but more specifically refers to the collective suite of power network applications and to the generation control and optimizing. Up to the early 1990s, it was common to find EMS systems being delivered based on proprietary hardware and operating systems. As proprietary systems became uneconomical, EMS suppliers began to deliver solutions based on industry standard hardware platforms.

eMpasys is a Renewable  Technology  Engineer Company & Solution Provider. 

eMpasys Team;

Mr. Sam Hamilton, Director
International Logistics Management

Mr. Rob Robinson, AEE Int’l VP
International Partnership Development

Mr. Charles William, USA Project Development Manager
OnSite Power Production solutions

Mrs Hill, Member Services Rep
Marketing and Product Information Support

Mr. Kenneth Carter, USA Logistic Dir
International Logistics & Direct Orders

Mr. Michael Battle , International Logistic Dir
International Logistics & Direct Orders

Independent RESP Affiliate Partners & Agents:

  • Affordable Solar Technologies / RESP  NJ
  • Boettcher Engineering / RESP Agent  CA
  • Azorian World Group / RESP-Portugal 
  • Mr. Jetha, Alfavision / RESP/Florida
  • NewTech Solutions /RESP Agent  VA                                      
  • Searl Energy LLC / RESP Agent Fl
  • Darryl Johnson / RESP Agent MD
  • eMpasys RESP – Orlando FL
  • eMport / RESP Agent – GA
  • JD Energy /RESP Taiwan
  • eMpasys RESP – NC/SC

Agents & Project Managers:

  • Dell Henry, Project Manager –  NJ/USA
  • Wane Carter,Project Manager- NC/USA
  • Mr. DeBose, Project Manager – TX /USA
  • Guy Hilaire, Project Manager – USA/Haiti
  • Darryl Hansen, Project Manager – Canada
  • Jorge Rivera, Project Manager – CA / USA
  • Najeeb Alim, Project Manager – OH / USA
  • David Joseph,Project Manager – Barbados
  • Ronald Lord, Project Manager – Barbados
  • Robert Stuart, Project Manager – CA / USA
  • Mr. James Gibson, Project Manager TX/USA
  • Denis Youmon, Project Manager – NY / USA
  • Roper Consultant, Project Manager – MI / USA
  • Mr. Mack , Project Manager – Ruston LA / USA
  • Mr. Lonnie Johnson, Project Manager – TX/USA
  • Kenneth Benoson, Project Manager PA – CA / USA

The RTSP Project Managers are responsible for Marketing,generating potential projects, assist and support clients, as well as agents with renewable energy projects. The RTSP Project Manager works cooperatively with other eMpasys members and  technical team to grow sales by providing clients with product information, price quotes, sales processing and completing product orders.   Our project manager are located worldwide as needed, below is a few.

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