Distance Access Control

The technology solution was initially design for our power plant clients to control access, track staff /engineers, monitor locations and alert safety distance. Our advanced Distance Access Control Alert Monitoring solutions will help commercial businesses to implement social distance responsibilities. This is a perfect solution for commercial businesses to limit their liability. We also utilized the advanced technology for our GOEVX EV transportation distribution hub solutions. The technology been around for over 130 years, the advanced service solution since 2001. There are currently  over 1,200 projects utilizing some form of the technology.  

Social Distance Turnkey Commercial Solution Easy Setup

There is no infrastructure needed work with existing computers or without via transceiver to transceiver devices with high accuracy.  The gateway transceiver hub indicates when someone enters or leaves a location. The small wearable devices will give people an audio beep, vibration or light flash to indicate safe zone alert.

The technology will allow you to monitor and control the number of people that access your business or event in real-time. Our wireless technology enables unprecedented accuracy in real-time measurement of distance indoors or outdoors. This technology is the only proven available solution that can deliver this level of accuracy. Precise Range Time Of Flight Signal Transmission> signal pulses to travel between devices. 

Engineering / Manufacture Safe Distance

Transceivers High Accuracy Wireless Devices 

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