The AESRPT is a scalable solid-state power generator that incorporates power cells, and power electronics to produce electricity. This is not ZERO ENERGY INPUT! … You cannot sustain reliable electricity production without a continuous power source. Your heart will not continue to beat without the flow of blood. This is control engineering utilizing tested and proven industrial technology.(This is not a new technology; it’s a new Technology design). We call this AESRPT (advanced energy storage renewable power technology), operating and functioning with power cell as a self-energized power system.

The AESRPT Electricity Generator is an advanced energy storage renewable power technology that’s designed to provides 100% on demand power and will generate electricity with  internal power cells, producing economically sustainable clean energy. The Onsite AESRPT Electricity Generator is a renewable  energy solution that produces electricity power  where the power is needed. The OnSite AESRPT Electricity Generator can work with other alternative and renewable energy systems.  Life span of the AESRPT- SS,  20  years based on operation demand.

OnSite AESRPT  is designed to generate electricity power at the location where the electricity is needed. With energy demand growing, a AESRPT OnSite power system is the perfect on demand solution.

The size and enclosure are customized based on system design requirements

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