Ultra Power Cells

AES Power Cells (Very Safe, Low-Cost, with High Energy-Density):

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Our power cells utilizing scalable fabrication techniques and can be connected together in series or parallel, taking up a small amount of space. They can be stacked directly one above the other and embedded directly into the application design. The entire power cell housing structure is therefore eliminated. The Power cells are direct connected and the current will flow over or through the entire power cell modules application design. A conventional rechargeable power cells come in fixed shapes and sizes, which have limitations in fulfilling design and performance requirement.

In a conventional power cell battery module the individual power cells are surrounded by a separate outer casing. All those casings take up space inside each battery module. The connections to each power cell are where electrical resistance is high, therefore reducing available output power. Our AES Power cells energy density level is 555Wh/L, 220Wh/Kg and will be enhanced significantly to 620~640Wh/L by 2018. Our AES Power Cells is a solid state solution replacing liquid or polymer electrolyte. Also all solid state replacement power cells should have two to three times the density of any current Lithium Ion cells.

The EUCAR Hazard Level is 2~3, which is impossible for conventional battery, AES Power Cells  can operate in -25°C to 85°C and discharge pressure tolerance from 0.0016psia to 711psia, which provides reliable power supply in heat or in high or low pressure environment at any time. There is no thermal runaway at 350°C or salting out at low temp and very good thermal stability 200~260°C for 3~10 seconds.

The AES Power Cells can be customized  for various applications like :

  • RFID – Smart Card
  • Portable Electronics
  • Medical and Cosmetic
  • BEV – Electric Vehicles
  • Smart Packaging Interactive Media, Toys, Games
  • Internet of Things, Wireless Sensors and Connected Devices
  • Others

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21th Century Electricity

Point To Point renewable electricity power solution, OnSite where the power is needed.

 The Onsite power production systems are renewable and scalable energy solutions for small to large electricity power consumption requirements. The Onsite power production systems  can be utilized to support local power substations effectively bypassing transmission lines that are associated with power lose and energy cost increasing. The Onsite AES Power System will help reduce the burden on the present day grid by supporting it where it is most needed.

The OnSite independent system (Micro-Grid), will be able to support existing grid structures that are currently in place. The OnSite power solution can provide AC or DC power to supplement the growing demand for energy on an international level, with customized OnSite Micro-Grid solutions. The OnSite power system conforms to industry production standards of electricity as in any normal power generator.

The OnSite power system can be designed to provide 100% on demand power and will generate electricity without external input (e.g. fossil fuels such as oil or natural gas), producing economically sustainable clean energy.  The OnSite power system can be deign for OnSite power production where the power is needed, significantly less than any other 24/7 power producing energy solutions. The USA existing power structure system is too vulnerable to meet modern challenges — a harsh reality underscored by Hurricane Sandy in the USA which left 8.1 million people in the dark for extended periods. Yet, widespread outages should no longer come as a surprise.  The  American Society of Civil Engineers gave the USA electrical infrastructure a “D” grade in 2008. Years earlier, a Clinton-era energy secretary described the USA as “a superpower with a third-world grid.” Even though power system vulnerability has been obvious for over a decade, little has been done to address this critical weakness.

Any power system overly dependent on centralized generation and long-distance transmission is inherently susceptible to massive failures, and the USA system has proven this. Each day, nearly 500,000 Americans spend at least two hours without electricity, while brownouts and blackouts grind economic activity to a halt — costing the country up to $188 billion annually. Monetary losses from outages will only climb higher in the future. The USA’s current power system is incapable of meeting modern reliability needs as large blackouts are becoming not only more frequent but also more severe.

A failure by the U.S. to invest in a 21st-century power system would prove significantly more expensive than the cost of transitioning to a modern power system. The Galvin Electricity Institute estimates that the annual cost of power outages is more than double the annual cost of preventative intelligent grid investments. As long as the nation continues to rely on centralized energy generation and over 280,000 miles of transmission lines, the power system will remain overly vulnerable to widespread failures from accident, weather, and intentional attack. It’s time to invest in a 21st-century power solution, rather than spending hundreds of billions of dollars maintaining a pitifully outdated one.

Point-To-Point  21th Century Electricity Diagram



Our AESH Fuel Cell systems do not require any fuel delivery because it is able to produce its own fuel on-site. The technology is based on self-generating fuel cells (water) by recycling the by-products to produce and generating energy.

Power production:  The AESH will generate power OnSite when power is needed by utilizing water and warm air. Competitors need to deliver the hydrogen and methanol which generates more cost in logistic service. The technology was Founded in 2005  and is ISO 9001 and 14001 certified.

The OnSite AESH power system over comes the biggest obstacles toward mass deployment of fuel cells – the sourcing (purchase and transport) of hydrogen. Our OnSite systems are more robust, produce less noise and can work at any air quality condition – from heavy pollution to blizzard or monsoon to desert storms. Our OnSite AESH power systems  are commercially available and we can provide customized solutions.

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OnSite Waste-To-Energy Solution

Waste To Energy Solution – Gasification Technology – No Incineration . ( USA Manufactured)

Edwards Air Force base unit has been shipped and being re-assembled. It should be in operation within one month, one more clearance / meeting by the base.

Massachusetts – Plymouth County Jail is ready to ship (1 day ETA). We are awaiting approval from one state agency.  Request information, manufacture visitation and Demo  energy@empasys.net

Diagram OnSite Power

The OnSite Power  system will lower the cost of power generation and produce power on site at the location. The  systems can be designed to meet or exceed  industrial quality.

 The Eco-friendly Power System can reduce  or  Eliminate electricity cost. No More Black Outs, just pure power.

The Onsite Power System is customized and configured for each residential or commercial application as a Eco-friendly carbon negative Renewable energy solution. The  Onsite Power System  will generate clean energy 24 hrs a day – 7 days a week.

Our OnSite Power Systems  are more cost-effective than extending transmission power line to the current electricity grid structures. Transmission power lines In remote locations in the USA can cost $15,000 to $50,000 per mile ). Our OnSite renewable energy Systems are a Smarter and Securer Micro-Grid solution, if there’s an accidental power failures it will be central located at individual sites.