Virtual CPaaS Platform

Subscription Based Real-Time (CPaaS)-(Revenue Model)

We are now allowing Professional Consultants and Companies other than our engineering partners to have their own revenue model virtual CPaaS platform. All Professional Consultants and Companies will have the option to customize their online platform with their own brand. This is a Turnkey Subscription based CPaaS with live instant phone click through audio calls, Live instant video, Live instant messaging, Live instant collaboration and a complete payment platform. A subscription based end to end full CPaaS solution ready in 24 hrs.  

(Get Paid For Your Consultancy or Support)

A straight forward real time instant communication solution; Your customers or clients purchase credits and use for live consultancy or support all in real time. The virtual Real-Time CPaaS solution connects clients, companies and consultants in real time via the internet with any computer or mobile device. The virtual Real-Time CPaaS solution is an all in one IoT communication platform and there is no need to download software.The enterprise solution is a real time multi-communication platform with WebRTC for video processing. 

The user data is highly secured and only our applications can access the Data Bases via SSH tunnels. Our high security features are protected via physical firewalls and the OS is protected via SSH and Linux security. All Messages, Video WEBRTC and C2C GSM servers are hosted in a highly secured Private cloud. Our WEBRTC video sessions are completely P2P,(Person To Person) so the packet transfers occur between the user and the contacting parties.  Our video packets do not visit a media server in between. So even we do not have access to the content of the calls and recording of video calls are currently impossible, even if we wanted to. 

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