Energy Reduction Card

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Electric Power energy reduction Card converts reactive power wasted by electrical resistance into active power to improve current level and reduce the resistance inside the cables and wires. The energy reduction Card is design and manufactured with a unique Bio Nanoscale energy reduction ceramic powder solution.

Our technology uses Bio Nanoscale energy reduction ceramic powder which regulates voltage and electricity waves that reduce heat and electrical current lost in cables without reducing voltage. It also helps to regulate ‘power factor’, stabilizing your electrical system and making the voltage constant.

eMpasys energy reduction card helps to reduce spikes and power surges, and eliminates excess voltage hazardous to electrical appliances from external sources or lightning. It also regulates the flow of electrical current and solves the problem of drops in destination voltage.

It has been known for years that you are paying for excess electricity that you do not utilize. You can now save up to 30% with our energy reduction cards. Our energy reduction card is the perfect economical solution for Residential and commercial properties.

The card can consistently save between 10% to 30% off your electricity bill

Price $ 25, 00 per card minimum order 100 Cards
Sample $35, 00 per card, minimum order 5 Cards


Surface: PVC Glossy

Size Credit Card Size – 1.2mm Thickness
Function Reduce heat and electrical current lost, Save Electric Cost
Usage Home, Company office, Industry for saving electricity cost
Technology Nanoscale energy reduction solution


1) Nanoscale energy reduction technology.
2) Breakthrough technology from Germany and the USA.
3) 100% legal and fully compliant with safety standards.
4) Space saving and easy installation
5) No plug, no alteration, No harm to existing wiring • No electrical interference
6) No electronic components; do not require electricity to operate.
7) 100% maintenance free – No additional service fees
8) Tested and Proven to reduces energy consumption
9) Save consistently 10% to 30% off your electricity bill
10) Improvement Power quality – increase efficiency & power factor.
11) Stabilize Voltage & Extend life span of electrical equipment.
12) Provide protect from harmful electromagnetic radiation.
13) Highly effective and suitable for homes, offices, factories, supermarkets, hotels and etc.
14) The energy reduction card provides Instant results.
15) Energy reduction card Life expectances 3 Years
16) 3-years full replacement warranty, does not include shipping cost
17) 60 days Money back refund policy – Minus 10% restocking fee plus shipping cost

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