AESRPT EV Fast Charging

 Fast EV Recharging Anywhere  evfastchargeUniversal Electric Vehicles Recharging Systems & Fleet Solutions
Highway,Urban And Rural Areas Charging In  Minutes

We provide DCFC  EV infrastructure  for commercial BEVs / PEVs recharging anywhere. Our  DC fast EV Recharging solution can be  designed as a universal   EV charging solution for all electric vehicles. The EV Recharging station or site  must be designed to support clients existing EV transportation charging requirements and future ultra-fast charging capabilities. The EV Recharging industry is environmentally friendly and will reduce your vehicle expenses while increasing your revenue stream.  The opportunity is here to own an independent EV Recharging station with a familiar gas station like design. It is good business practice to create new methods to generate additional income or reduce expenses to keep up with the competition.  

 The criteria for design a DC  fast Recharging station or site with universal ports were developed to meet the needs of commercial BEV and PEV drivers seeking convenient fast recharging.  Some companies and investors install EV Recharging station for customers to use for a fee or free.

                                                                                           EV ReCharging Customized Signage


The EVT charging stations can be designed with an intelligent back office for operation and management. The back office can record all the charging information automatically; duration, power, current, voltage…etc. Outside the charging station, the user can obtain real-time charging information. The EVT solutions can be design on or off the grid with a Gas station infrastructure feel. This is a seamless usage experience, Cash or Credit Cards excepted just like a local Gas station. Our solution also include customized EV Recharge display signage for your location, the display can be designed to advertise various products.

AESRPT EV Commercial Fast ReCharger

The AESRPT EV fast charging station solution is aimed at implementing fast EV charging infrastructure anywhere,  and reducing the high cost installation process. Most people and companies don’t know EV charging stations that are connected to a local electric utility grid still emits Co2 when it is charging. The AESRPT EV fast charging station is a zero emission off grid commercial solution, there’s no Co2 emission, No user registration, No network affiliation needed, Installed anywhere, with great profit margins. The independent power producer for EVs can charge by Kwhs, Minutes, or Monthly Unlimited prepay with no restrictions. The AESRPT EV fast charging station can be  integrated with CHAdeMO, CCS, GB/T or Tesla HPWC.

Connector Configuration

 Off /On Grid AESRPT EV Recharging Station

AESRPT EV Porta Recharger

eMpasys AESRPT DC Fast EV Porta Charger is a highly efficient on road back up DC fast charger. The standard system is configured as a 10kW EV fast DC charger, with expandable energy storage power cells from 6kWh to 12kWh.  The AESRPT DC Fast EV Porta Charger can be customized to fit on a commercial vehicle for emergency recharging, and includes a AC energy storage power backup solution..

Charger Station Equipment Maintenance;

It’s important to keep the charging station in optimum operating condition to maintain its accuracy, as a third party service provider you can provide frequent service and calibration. We have the capability to provide a customized mobile service system, which is specifically designed to perform diagnosis, measurement and meter calibration for these charging stations.

The EV Roadside service center opportunity with EVRSUs (road side units) to become an “Intelligent EVT verification platform”. This platform will provide 5 major functions, driving information monitor, charging information monitor, remote diagnostic, system performance trend forecast, and data report. The EVT platform will receive real-time data of EVs and charging station, and can send the data to a visual online monitor portal. The EV Charging station solution and or System, also called EV charging station, electric recharging point, charging point and EVSE (Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment), is an element in an infrastructure that supplies electric energy for the recharging of electric vehicles. The DC EV fast charger system can charge two electric cars at one time, and accept credit card payment to complete the payment process. We also provide international payment processing via credit or no charge with a eMpasys member card.

We Can Provide A Complete EV Solution

EV Charging Cost Comparison


The kilowatt-hours value tells you how much EV charge is needed for the vehicle to travel the required miles. Like gallons per miles, the kilowatt-hours per miles relates directly to the amount of electricity used, and thus to cost. We can provide 1 or multiple charging stations. SAE and CHAdeMO charging technology solutions. Advanced DC fast charging stations with compliant options delivering tomorrow’s fast charge solutions to drivers today. Our fast charge stations are designed to deliver fast, reliable charging anywhere.

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