Mini Power System

The AESRPT Mini weather proof Mobile power station can be used anywhere as a portable energy storage device or Backup power system. This is a Mini mobile energy storage solution that can provide power for various small power applications. The power output is 800W with 3 recharging options (AC plug recharging, solar power recharging, car cigarette lighter recharging). The Mini Mobile is customized with; Car Jump starter feature, 2 AC power outlets, 4 USB power ports and internal AESRPT power cell modules. Customized branding for quantity orders.

DC12v/24v to AC 110v/220v  

The AESRPT Mini Mobile power station use the latest AESRPT Lithium technology power cells with high efficiency,stable performance,low no load consumption,and strong overload capacity.  Provide AC and DC power  for various commercial application such as; Cell Phones, Computers, TVs, fridge, electrical tool, etc.  Idea for for outdoor life. Compact and light weight design with High quality water proof material. It is suitable for DC12V 24V 48V 72V

The power supply time can change based on application


Power capacity                                                  800W

Nominal voltage of the battery                      11.1V

Output voltage                                                  110V-235V±5V

Output waveform                                             Pure Sine Wave

USB Output                                                        5V2.1A*4

DC Output                                                          12V5A

Cooling fan                                                         Yes

Power indicator                                                 Green light:OK/red light:failure

Charging indicator                                             Red light: being Recharging – Green light: fully charged

DC output power indicator                              Green light:OK/red light:failure

AC charging Input voltage                                110V-265V

Charging voltage                                                12.6V

Charging current                                                5A

Solar charging Voltage                                      12.6-26V

Charging current                                                5A

Overload protection                                          Yes

Short-circuit protection                                    Yes

Overall dimension                                             72.5×51.1×124 Inch

Working temperature                                       -10℃-60℃

Warranty                                                            3 Yrs

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