Onsite Above Ground-BG

On or Off Site Above Ground Waste To Energy System

OnSite AESrpt-BG -2

The Onsite AESRPT-BG is a odorless scalable waste to energy solution that can produce electricity, heat and or cooking gas. This is a portable or stationary biogas system solution that can be conveniently transport and easy assembled. Installation takes place on the surface of the ground, on top of a building or inside one. There is no need for earthwork, heavy construction or engineering facility. It can be assembled by the client according to our manual and video instruction. The OnSight AESRPT-BG system can be completely in operation in hours or days, depending on your system layout and design. The system will also help reduce garbage in your country and reduce landfill usage.

The OnSite AESRPT-BG system is very efficient with hollow sunlight sheet and padding for heat insulation. The system is structure with a mental frame support design and includes a membrane digester with a high tech gas storage bag combined all in one. The systems treat and convert organic waste to produce biogas for generating electricity, supplying cooking gas and or lighting. It will also produce nutritious liquid or solid organic fertilizer for agriculture and gardening. It is a renewable technology solution for families, restaurants, hotels, resorts, livestock farms, slaughter house, food processing plant, and municipalities to treat and renew their organic wastes, sewage sludge and animal manure etc. The Biogas is produced inside a complete all in one closed anaerobic digestion above ground.

The system will reduce garbage waste at the location where it is produce and can generate power. This is the ultimate waste to energy solution that utilizes food waste, sewage sludge, animal manure etc., to produce gas and renewable power. Biogas is a renewable resource because its is produce from organic recycle waste and there is no carbon generated. The Organic material that grow from the earth is converted and used.

Renewable Organic resources disposal:

  • Sewage sludge for waste water disposal stations.
  • Wastes for medium size livestock farms.
  • Sewage and food waste for departments, factories and schools etc.
  • Waste water and solid waste for food processing plants and brewing plants.



(1) High reliable: no mechanic movement, no mechanic failures, fast Installation in days

(2) Wide range of application. The plant can be built both under and above ground. The plant is suitable to handle both liquids (sewage, human and animal manure) and solids (grass, straw, and food waste).

(3) Low maintenance cost: very few workers are needed, almost no maintenance for rust prevention and mechanic repair are needed.

(4) Fail-Safe operation-There is no safety issue with the biogas digester; each digester is installed with a pressure re-leaser, when the pressure rich max level the biogas will flow into the atmosphere through the pressure re-leaser. No need to enter an empty biogas digester for maintenance work.

Temperature for Biogas Fermentation:

  • Normal temperature: (°C 10-30) (°F 50-86)
  • Middle temperature:  (°C30-35) (°F86-95)
  • Higher temperature:  (°C 50-55) (°F 122-131)

Note: Temp cannot be higher than (°C 60) (°F 140)

 Standard OnSite AESRPT-BG system;

System 1 Fermentation – capacity 8.3-13.8(m3 – Gas storage 6.2-1.22(m3)the system can generate 22.5KWH of electricity per day or can be used for cooking purpose.

System 2 Fermentation – capacity 54.38(m3) – Gas storage 3.21 (m3)the system can generate 75KWH of electricity per day or can be used for cooking purpose.

System 3 Fermentation – capacity 200(m3) – Gas storage 50 (m3)the system can generate 300KWH of electricity per day or can be used for cooking purpose.

System 4 Fermentation – capacity 1000(m3 – Gas storage 200 (m3)the system can generate 1500KWH of electricity per day or can be used for heat and cooking purpose.

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