The transportable AESRPT generator system will help utility operators to transform their electrical distribution networks; lower operation cost and eliminates blackouts. The OnSite solutions can generate electricity power at the location where the electricity is needed. With energy demand growing, the OnSite Micro-Grid solution provides opportunities for property owners and developers to have NetZero energy with power security; Power Producers can now generate 100% reliable power 24/7 without geographical restrictions as a zero emission green energy solution.

Block Diagram

This is control engineering utilizing Nano particles with power cells and industrial commercially tested proven devices that’s designed to work together (This is not a new technology; it’s a new Technology design). This is advanced energy storage renewable power technology (AESRPT), operating and functioning as a self-energized generator. The AESRPT generator can be designed as a transportable backup or primary power Micro grid only utilizing 1650-Square-Feet of space.


  • Industrial business site power plant
  • Hospitals, schools, wireless base station, stores.
  • Residential property independent power supply
  • Green energy farm, green energy hotel power system
  • Island, desert, remote areas, areas without power grid
  • Power supply for various types of electric vehicles and ships
  • Various types of alternative energy power generation systems
  • Agriculture Power supply in, forestry, grazing and mining areas
  • Desalination, waste plastic oil, electric temperature  power supply


  • Very High Power Efficiency
  • Mobile Transportable System
  • High rate of return on investment
  • Zero emission green energy solution
  • No solar, wind or external fossil fuels
  • Shorter Project development time line
  • Less  space needed for energy projects
  • Reliable power production 24hrs a day
  • Advanced power generation technology
  • No geographical Installation restrictions

The transportable AESRPT self-energized generator system is noise-free and will produce 100% on demand electric power without solar, wind or external fossil fuels, producing sustainable clean energy.

Manufacturing annual capacity will be at 100MW for 2018-19 and production will start September of 2018.

Some Questions:

  • What is the weight of the 10KW generator system?    250kg / 552 lbs
  • Can you manufacture smaller systems? Yes 1KW, 3Kw  and 5kw
  • What is the price per Kw? $10,000 USD per Kw   
  • What type of maintenance is required? Very easy maintenance, change some parts after 5 To 10 years.
  • What type of warranty will you provide?  5 – 10 years warranty.
  • How much power will a 10Kw AESRPT Generator System produce? It will produce 10,000 watts per Hr(Kwh)

Manufacture Production MPQ 2,000Kw

We provide commercial demonstration to all financial viable clients;

Present opportunities: Sub Manufacturing Sites, Distributions Partners and Agents.

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