The AWP is a 5th generation commercially proven Advanced Wind Technology with some designs currently in operation.This system is a better wind power solution for power generation, omni-directional wind collection, lower noise level, and longer service life. The AESAWP system can be designed with embedded PV into dome allowing for additional energy production. (Optional>energy storage power cells).The AWP system can be customized from 5kw up to 1 megawatt of power as a onsite or off site power production solution. The technology is built on advanced aerodynamic design that eliminate the shortcomings of traditional wind turbines.

The AWP system has a vertical axis design therefore it does not require wind positioning. Our unique turbine technologies design provide 3 time as much air flow and increases the turbine efficiency. The Aerodynamic AWP system can operate under various wind velocities. The small aerodynamic design enables aligning more AWP which significantly decreases interference of multiple unites and increase wind farm energy production.

5th Generation Prototype Tested & Ready For Customized Mfg


Direct Benefits:

  • Wind collection from all direction.
  • No bird deaths and work very quietly
  • Produce 2.5-3 times more wind power
  • No expensive mechanism to turn downwind
  • All weather operation>No weather down time
  • Power production start s when wind is just 1.5-2 meters per second.

Technology Customized Designs:

 The internal air stream movement design is able to rotate and generate power from any wind flow direction. The upper part of system wind turbine is designed to provide effective wind discharge while creating decreased pressure (similar to aircraft wings) which also contributes to acceleration of air current passing through the operating wheel. The turbine technology static distributor shaped blade allow air stream to accelerate and the turbine rotating blades are covered with circular skirt around the periphery.

Low Wind Speed Information at 1.5 m/s

The system will help utility operators to transform their electrical distribution networks; lower operation cost and eliminates blackouts. The AESAWP solutions can generate electricity power at the location where the electricity is needed. With energy demand growing, the AESAWP Micro-Grid solution provides opportunities for property owners and developers to reach NetZero energy production with power security; Independent Power Producers can generate win power at a lower production cost.


  • High rate of return on investment
  • Zero emission green energy solution
  • Shorter Project development time line
  • Less  Turbine space needed for energy projects
  • dvanced Turbine power generation technology
  • No geographical Installation restrictions

The OnSite -AWP solutiont can be customized and configured for each power production application as a Eco-friendly carbon negative renewable energy solution. 

We are  seeking various investors and partners for the AWP;

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