Onsite MaaS Solution

The Onsite Power MaaS provider guarantees lower energy prices and is responsible for meeting client’s onsite power requirements. The Onsite Power MaaS provider determines the best solution to achieve the client’s onsite power goals and takes the risk for that solution. All Onsite Power MaaS providers must have technical, financial, engineering, and various other resources and capabilities. It also helps if the Onsite Power MaaS provider is the system integrator,  supplier and or manufacture. This gives the provider flexibility in developing Onsite Power Microgrid As A Service solutions.

An Onsite Power MaaS provider should first of all have the experience and financial resources to deliver onsite electricity production as a turnkey solutions. Second, an Onsite Power MaaS provider should have multiple resources including non-traditional financing for on-site and off-site distributed energy resources, energy management, micro-grids solutions and Point-To Point power solutions. Ultimately, an Onsite Power MaaS provider needs to demonstrate the foresight, flexibility and creativity to develop complete onsite power solutions that give clients the confidence to rent or lease systems for their electricity power requirements. Such solutions may include some combination of buying, selling, utilizing, saving, storing, producing and distributing energy and power with existing technologies and those to come.

Our Onsite Power MaaS  is an international solution with no restrictions. There may be a service fee and or advanced payment based on clients electricity power needs. The Onsite system contractual model will include; Onsite power system  engineering , project construction and fixed long term discounted  pricing.  The Onsite Power MaaS solution can be a  post or fixed prepay  electricity solutions with no equipment maintenance requirements. Our Onsite Power MaaS solution allows clients to focus on their core mission, while the capital investors and the energy experts maintain and manage the onsite renewable power production systems. The client will enjoy environmentally friendly clean power production with predictable long term prices.

The Onsite Power MaaS Market is segmented on the basis of Product Type, Application, End Use Industry and Region. The Onsite Power MaaS Market is sub segmented into Government, Education, Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Military and Utility.  The advantages of a Onsite Power MaaS solution is; lower electricity costs, more reliable power supply, grid resiliency and it’s a clean energy resource.

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