OnSite Waste LRS

Waste Renewing Into A Flammable Particulate End Product.

OnSite LRS> Eco-Friendly Customized System

Waste Renewing Into A Flammable Particulate End Product.

 The OnSite Waste Renewing system process waste on site where the waste is generated.  This solution help to reduce bacteria spreading and effectively eliminates problems such as fermentation, odor and mosquitoes at the waste or garbage storage points. The OnSite Waste Renewing LRS can process non-metallic wastes and garbage such as daily waste and garbage, medical waste and slaughter house garbage. (Non-polluting, High sterilization, No Burning). 

The OnSite LRS reduce the amount of waste placed into the waste stream and reduce the cost of maintaining a landfill site. It’s smaller, less polluting and easier to maintain. The OnSite Eco-friendly LRS can be customized based on client request. The OnSite LRS will eliminate waste with no smell, no smoke, no odor, and can reduce the need for hauling waste to land landfill.

The OnSite Waste Renewing LRS can be utilized at various sites such as;  Camp Grounds, Hospitals, Service Areas, Ocean Vessels, Railway Stations, Waste and garbage Collection Points, Colleges and Schools, and new community Waste stations. The OnSite Waste Renewing LRS effectively improve the pre-treatment conditions of landfills and incineration plants, and reduce the discharge of pollutants such as leachate, bio-gas and flue gas.

The system can be used as a garbage conversion stations, the end product can be used as a incineration product to generate energy.  The solution utilize high heat micro wave technology, waste pulverization dehydrates and sterilization all in a single system, taking only 30 min to process. The process is fully automatic and can be operated continuously for 24 hours with no Air or water quality pollution.

        Some of the Waste That Can Be Recycled & Renewed

Start your own OnSite Waste company or add the Onsite Waste LRS solution to your product line. Generate revenue from Onsite Waste Disposal and or the RDF end product. Refuse-derived fuel (RDF), a fuel produced from various types of waste such as municipal solid waste (MSW), industrial waste or commercial waste.

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