Deferred Acquisition Partner

We are interested in developing partnerships for deferred acquisitions of suitable business sites and or warehouse facilities located in the USA. The businesses and or warehouse sites will be transform to generate additional income during the acquisition process.  The local registered business Owner will have the option of being an absentee profit sharing owner (Profit between 40%-65%).

As an absentee manager/owner we can keep your existing staff in place and or bring in a professional management team. The local registered business operator will have the option to manage the sites as well. The optional member partner acquisition buyout time line is 9-36 months via our member partners.

The JV member partner additional income profit from renewable technology service and solutions will be 30% during the acquisition buyout time line, and 30% after the Buyout for 3-5 years. The JV member partner will have the option to Monitor the income/expenses and deduct 40%-65% from the profitable revenue, as a percentage towards the set acquisition price of the commercial site.The JV member partner will Forward 35%-60% to eMpasys member partner or eMpasys member partner will forward 35%-60% to JV member Partner every other month or Bi-monthly.

All selected commercial site will  be converted to a sustainable business that will include additional income streams from renewable technology solution and services via eMpasys.There is no additional training or experience needed and we will consider non-occupied sites as well. The local member partner will have professional renewable technology engineering support via a order processing model.

Please complete the form below if you are interested;

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