Porta EV Fast Charger

Customized AESRPT DC Fast EV Porta Charger

Unlike your stationary EV charging stations our mobile EV charging solution is small and compact, allowing you to transport it from different EVs. You will have the flexibility as where the charger will be located. Today’s EVs can typically travel about 100 – 150 miles on a full charge. In a time of volatile petroleum prices and growing environmental concerns, EVs offer a way to reduce operating costs, demonstrate your environmental responsibility, and comply with fleet policies. Providing one EV charging system that can charge all battery electric vehicles will be the standard.

Direct-current (DC) fast charging equipment, sometimes called DC Level 2 (typically 208/480V AC three-phase input), enables rapid charging along heavy traffic corridors at installed stations. There are three types of DC fast charging systems, depending on the type of charge port on the vehicle: a J1772 combo, CHAdeMO, or GB/Tesla.

 Our portable DC fast charger can be utilized as an emergency backup charger while your drivers are on the road. You can also implement an EV fast charge Roadside assistant solution for your fleet.



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