Investment Funding-(RTTF)

Providing Investment Capital Into Multiple Industries

The RTT investment Fund can be used for commercial business acquisitions, refinancing and project startups. The direct investor financing is for viable  commercial project in various  industries with priority given to renewable tech and sustainable energy projects. The renewable technology transition investment fund can be provided as Debt or Equity Profit Sharing. This is a direct international investment funding program.

We  also work with other Investors and commercial bank lenders on an international level.  We can structure commercial transactions for funding via our direct investors. The value proposition for utilizing capital investors  is that it offers businesses significant benefits and is less capital intensive. We are experienced in the renewable technology industries with a background in commercial project financing. Our funding and financial programs are directly with international investors.

Available funding structuring includes; Lease financing, Purchase Orders Financing, Manufacture Pre-order financing, Project Financing, Equity Profit Sharing funding, JV Partnership Funding and Manufacture development funding).

eMpasys is a renewable technology member supported and member driven organization, our services and solutions are available to members or member partners. Therefore non-member will only have access to general website information. Please click on the Standard membership tab if you are interested in obtaining further services and or solutions.

Please Submit Your Project Funding Request:

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