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eMpasys IoT division provides a complete integration telematics solutions for the renewable technology industries. Our complete IoT solution is for various renewable technology systems and projects; Electric Vehicle Fleets, Electric Charging Station Infrastructure, OnSite Power Micro Grids, Solar Electricity Power Plants and any other clean tech systems or solutions.

The renewable tech IoT complete solution can enables devices, manage data, and transmit/receive data with GPS mapping and real time video monitoring. This is a Plug and play IoT controller solution which universally connects to any legacy device in any infrastructure where it didn’t previously exist.

The Intelligent LORA WAN/ wifi enabled Gateway firmware is the translator between the communication protocols and the legacy systems. It will also bridge devices with cloud Software, ML based software and display all components utilizes real time and historic information. The software will predict and determine the optimal settings for every single component on or off site and then trigger the event back to execute commands.

We can provide customized IoT solutions:

Digital IoT Consulting

•Software product development
•Domain specific system integrations
•Auto scalable and a multi domain solution

•Your Brand Name Or Logo Control Panel

We Own:

Our Product (Firmware + portfolio of software’s) related to IoT and Tracking


1. Utilization of custom protocol to avoid collisions in transmission in areas with lot of devices
2. Optimization of gps location fix to save battery life
3. Ability to address every single node and send commands/messages to the node
4. In some ESP32microcontroller models, update firmware of device over the air
5. The end devices can save tracking and telemetry data on local storage until connectivity is there
6. Security – Each device has unique security key
7. Support for LoRaWan protocol


1. Custom application and visualization of data
2. Analytics and ml/anomaly detection

Strategic Implementation:

1. Heritage and Legacy of Software Development
2. IoT Protocols (NMEA, LLRP, LORA-WAN) design expertise in house
3. Hardware OEM and network operator ecosystem in place (Chip, Module, Node Assembly)
4. Software platform – In-house Design and review Group for expansion
5. 40+ Service centers 80+ SME customers Install base to accelerate
7. 20+ corporate customers with complex environmental act and customized Market fit.

The Internet of Things (IoT), is connecting and transmitting information to the cloud via Telematics enabled devices. A Telematics solution will reduce your operation cost and keep your assets under a watchful eye. This is a smarter asset management solution in real time with remote monitoring and analytics.

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